Geisha, Kyoto, Japan.  Japan is a land of contrasts - the futuristic bustle of Tokyo versus the traditional beauty of an ancient formal garden; the breathtaking speed of the bullet train versus the precise calm of the  tea ceremony.

Sydney Opera House and Bridge, Australia.  Australia offers endless unique experiences, from cute and captivating wildlife to spectacular landscapes. The multicultural cities offer sophisticated delights, including wonderful food and  wine.

Milford Sound, New Zealand.  New Zealand is blessed with spectacular natural beauty and  landscapes that will take your breath away.  Friendly locals and a wealth of activities make Aotearoa a fabulous, exciting destination. 

Lion Dance, Shanghai, China.  China is home to one of the world's oldest cultures, and boasts a huge range of sights, from the splendour of the terracotta warriors and the forbidden city to the sparkling neon lights of  Shanghai.

Ta Prohm Temple, Siem Reap. Cambodia, home to the majestic ruins of the Angkor temples, is a country with a long, interesting history.  The people are eager to share their rich culture and inspiring resilience with you.

Holi Festival, India.  India is a multidimensional country of stunning diversity.  It is beautiful, confronting, and amazing.  The sights, sounds, cuisine, architecture and people will entrance you and create a journey you will never forget.

Masai warriors, South Africa.  South Africa offers a glimpse into the heart of the continent.  Wonder at the  abundance of wildlife on safari in Kruger National Park,  visit beautiful Cape Town or indulge in the sophisticated wineries of Franshoek. 

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